Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrate National Wildlife Week - March 14-20

Ever heard of National Wildlife Week?  I personally had not, but thanks to the National Wildlife Federation, I found out in time to read up and make some plans.

The scoop from NWF's website:

About National Wildlife Week

Held annually since 1938, National Wildlife Week is NWF’s longest-running education program. Even celebrities such as Shirley Temple, Walt Disney and Robert Redford have joined National Wildlife Federation to commemorate this unique event.
National Wildlife Week is a signature event of NWF’s Be Out There™ campaign, an initiative to connect families and communities to nature, raise healthier kids, instill a conservation ethic, and inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and the environment.
Read more about it, and find related activities (even download a different poster each day of Wildlife Week, each featuring nine wildlife species) at NFW's website.

How will you celebrate?
If you participate in any of these activities - or do anything else to celebrate National Wildlife Week -let me know how it goes!

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