Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Blooms at Crystal Springs

One of my early posts on this blog was a complete profile of Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.  I visited the garden two days ago, in the evening, and thought I'd share a few pictures from my walk.  Most of the Rhododendrons have not quite bloomed.  A few have, and I'm sure a lot of the others will be bursting into bloom very soon.  But there are lots of other things blooming, and of course the water fowl and other birds are always worth a visit to the park.

Official Greeter

Oregon Grape guarding the bridge

Oregon Grape

Canada Geese under the Blossoms

Japanese Maple

Colorful Trees

Fawn Lily

Fawn Lily

Fawn Lily and Lungwort

I didn't know what that blue flower with the spotted leaves was, until I went home and just happened to read a post over at Nature Nut Notes, a blog by NW Nature Nut (not to be confused with me, PDX Nature Nut.  So many nature nuts out there!)  It's nice to have such a community of Portland/Oregon/NW nature bloggers.
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